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KAVITA SHARMA, Founder & Creative Director

Shoes for some, pure love for me. Just like most affairs, this one too started with infatuation, grew into a passion and finally into an obsession. While a good pair of shoes always left me starry eyed, often not being able to find the right pair, made me realize how deep my love for shoes was. To find a well made, well-designed, well-fitted shoe was next to impossible.

How I wished there was someone who would get what women wanted from a pair of shoes.
Then one day, I decided to be that person. Decided to leave my 10-year long career in media to pursue my lifelong love for shoes and my passion to bring comfortable, stylish and yet affordable shoes to all.
My shoe lust took me to the mecca of fashion- Milan, Italy where I studied footwear designing and collection development at ‘Ars Sutoria School’, the world-renowned University of Footwear. I then honed my skills in the technical aspects of handmade shoe manufacturing at the ‘Footwear Summer School’ at the prestigious London School of Fashion, University of Arts London.
After 18-months and hundreds of lasts and materials later, I bring to you my labour of love. A brand that promises exquisite collection of handmade shoes, crafted of the finest material, with impeccable finish. An irresistible collection that’s bound to make every shoe lover go- ‘Oh what a dilemma, so many shoes and I have only two feet!’
Introducing ONLY TWO FEET.