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Have you ever spotted anyone wearing a really great pair of shoes but wished they had styled it better? The best shoe can lose its impact with styling missteps. I thought it would be fun to list out some of Don’ts when it comes to shoe styling. The cardinal sins or the faux pas

Here are my top ones:

  1. Wearing pattern heels with prints. It’s best to avoid this ‘too busy’ look. Pattern heels work best with solid colors or the classic white shirt- blue jeans combo


  3. Wearing walking shoes with ankle socks
  4. Wearing stockings with peep toe heels (unless you have really great toes!)
  5. Wearing really extreme footwear/ super tall heels on weekdays. Do save these statement heels for weekends when you want to make a style statement.
  6. Wearing socks with evening wear
  7. Thigh high boots in our weather? Very wannabe.
  8. Letting your jeans fall over a cute pair of flats. Cuff the jeans.


  10. If you cannot walk in them. Do not buy them
  11. Busy prints work best with solid color shoes. Balance is everything.


  13. Wearing an over the top dress? Keep shoes toned down. With a low key look, wear a stand out shoe to add excitement
  14. Wearing stilettoes to garden parties.


  16. Stiletto is sexy, kitten heel is cute. Know what look you are aiming for.
  17. At the risk of sounding like Mummy () when wearing a really high hemline, go for a lower heel or flats to avoid showing too much leg.
  18. Watch hemlines while wearing flats. Trouser leg should end above or at the ankle. Dresses/ skirts should end above or at the knee
  19. A heavily layered look needs a thick heeled shoe and could be off balanced by a dainty shoe. Similarly when wearing a flimsy summer dress a thin strapped sandal would work better.


  21. Men must match the shoe to the belt. Like-wise the shoe- handbag combo works really well for women.

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