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7 Shoe styles every woman must have in her closet

Shoe Must-Haves

It’s often said that Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. I however beg to differ. Shoes definitely do it for me, though diamonds do come a close second. When you love shoes as much as I do and regularly succumb to the desire for a fix, you run the risk of going completely berserk and giving into temptation without thinking about you really need- which is variety in styles and color. So you start hoarding a similar style in all colors of the rainbow or different styles but all in one color, most often black or nude!

Hence I figured it’s wise to share my little piece of advice on the essentials- a woman’s shoe closet must haves. These will sort you out for any occasion, mood, outfit or weather.

  1. Ballet Flat-

    I call this shoe the quintessential good girl shoe. I own at least 10 of these in bright colors, black, beige and animal print (for the not so good girl vibeJ) and they are my go to shoes simply for the ease of wear. If you must have just one then I would suggest a basic black or beige for versatility of wear or a bright color to add some fun and color to your outfit. Ballet flats go well with jeans as well as dresses and a basic color can work for the day and evening too.

  2. Basic Black Pump-

    This one is an absolute wardrobe must-have. It adds instant sophistication and is also quite versatile. From the boardroom to the party, you can work this pair effortlessly whether you are in trousers, dress or even a casual pair of jeans. I own at least 4 of this style in leather, patent leather, faux leather, glitter and suede. My favorites are the Agnes leather Jimmy Choo’s, super comfy.

  3. Ankle Boots-

    You may be tempted to skip this one if you live in a largely tropical country like India but I would still advice on it for your travels or the rare cool night out in the city. Also known as the bootie, an ankle boot unlike the knee length boot is much more wearable and you won’t look foolish wearing one in non-sub-zero temperatures. It adds a chic element and sass when you team it with skinny jeans or a dress with or without stockings. I have a couple of these in my closet always because I travel so much but trust me you can wear these in Bombay too.

  4. Metallic Heels-

    The wardrobe essential for a woman that loves to dress up for a night on the town. We tend to veer more towards glitter in our part of the world and both glitter and metallic work with equal ease. However, I feel that a metallic pair is slightly more versatile as it works itself more easily from day to evening and on any outfit. Strappy or peel toe heels (rather than a pump) are more likely to work well with both western as well as Indian wear.

  5. Platform Wedge-

    The wedge is not my favourite style of shoe for sure, but I find this a necessary evil as it is the one style that can give you height and posture with the least amount of discomfort. Another reason it finds a mention here is because it is very popular with Indian woman. Drop in to any brunch or kitty and you are sure to spot maximum number of wedges. A printed or espadrille heel is my most favourite in this style because it makes the look summery and perfect for a weekend brunch. Especially if the party is in the outdoor/ lawn then there is no heel that works better than the wedge.

  6. Sneaker/ Slip on-

    I believe the sneaker is the latest fashion revolution to have hit our shores. How many women did you see in this largely male dominated shoe style, say, even a year ago? And it’s a welcome change for sure. It is the perfect weekend shoe whether you are out running errands or grabbing a drink with friends. I own atleast 5 of these in various styles and colors – slip ons, laced, printed and metallic. I can’t get enough of them and for good reason. It by far the most comfortable shoe style when you are on the move.

  7. Flat Sandals-

    The list is not in order of preference or this style would’ve been number one. The mighty flat sandal occupies maximum shelf space in my shoe closet and I’m certain that this is true of most women. It goes perfectly with our weather and our variety of wardrobe- Indian wear, long skirts, jeans or summer dresses. I have lost count of how many I own but I can say with confidence that unlike a number of my high heeled pumps that hardly see light of day, all my flat sandals are well worn and get their day in the sun in equal proportion.

P.S. Let not this ‘shoe must haves’ blog post put a damper on your shoe shopping excursions, but let it be an excuse to buy more of each style. And then some. 🙂

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