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Shoe Tutorial

In today’s day and age there is so much information available at the click of a finger. If confused or looking for answers all you need to do is google. Right from health scares, recipes, gossip, fashion, places, history, events- it’s all there.

I think one of the perils of having so much information just floating on the World Wide Web is that we end up knowing too little about too many things. Nothing wrong with that but it’s so unlike back in the day when we had to sit with an encyclopaedia and deep dive to get information on something. Who has the time to deep dive now? Attention span is limited and there is too much happening too quickly. There is always something new that comes along and catches our fancy. And off we go to know more about it. But just enough to skim the surface and spout some sense over a brief conversation. Anything longer and you’re exposed! But then you can always change the topic to something else. I don’t know about you but I’m certainly guilty of this.

But there is good news. Today people in their 30’s and 40’s are no longer just working and leading sedentary lifestyles. They are chasing their passions and interests with great vigour. It could be adventure sports, biking, cycling, photography, baking, painting, cooking, running or gossiping (trust me there are experts in this field too J). So there is always this one topic that we know more about than the average person. It’s your core competency. It may be your day job or just a hobby. It’s that one topic that your friends turn to you when they have a question- because you are considered the expert.

In the past year, that one topic for me has been SHOES. If you are really interested in a topic you can very well educate yourself online. Read and explore, there is so much information out there that you can soak in like a sponge. It definitely helped me tremendously that I went off to the two fashion meccas and got myself an education in Shoes. Learnt from experts, listened intently, took notes (As you grow older you get wiser about writing everything down and not relying on memory alone), visited shoe museums, explored stores, sketched, designed, worked with my hands, cut leather, visited tanneries, shoe making factories, workshops, sewed, hammered nails, cut my fingers, smothered my hands in glue and learnt to use some really fancy machines among numerous other things. And I travelled. And that is the kind of education and knowledge that stays with you a lifetime.

I hope to talk about some of what I learnt through this blog. None of the complicated stuff but just simple stuff that may interest any woman who loves shoes or any man who is in touch with his feminine side J

While all of us are hopefully familiar with the basic types of women’s shoes like pumps, stilettoes, boots, ballets, wedges etc. do you know that there are at least 200 types of women’s shoe styles and even more number of terminologies related to these shoe styles. It’s really an endless glossary, one that you need to know only if you getting into the profession. So, I’m going to talk about only some that I have selected, these are most common styles and would be a good start to the shoe tutorial. I will also attach a picture for reference. This will be my next blog post.

Happy deep diving 🙂

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