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Shoe Care 101

There is nothing more heart breaking than to see your favorite pair of shoes wither away right in front of your eyes, much before time. You invest a significant amount of money, time and emotions to find that perfect pair and following some simple tips will make your precious shoes stay pretty for much longer.

Here are my fav shoe care tips-

  1. Do not store your shoes in boxes. This will make the leather deteriorate because of moisture, especially true for humid weather. Rather store them in soft shoe dust bags.
  2. Try to store your fav pairs with a shoe tree/ shoe shaper. This will preserve the shoe shape much longer.
  3. A simple shoe rack will help keep your shoes more organized and protect them from unnecessary abuse.
  4. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. Our feet generate ¾ cup of moisture every day and your shoes need to dry out between two wearings.
  5. While travelling always pack your shoes in shoe bags. This will protect them and your clothes from soiling. The inside of the bag can be used as shoe mitt.
  6. As far as possible wear shoes keeping in mind your schedule for the day. If you have a more outdoorsy day planned that involves a lot of walking or driving, then do not wear heels. If you must, then rather carry them along in your bag. Like they say, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your day (and one that every girl will relate to) is wear heels when you should’ve worn flats.
  7. Be careful when you wear your high heels in public places. Watch out for potholes, cobbled streets, steps and gaps in wooden floors. I have seen too many beautiful pairs getting destroyed by a careless misstep.
  8. Wear weather appropriate shoes. If you’ve been unlucky enough to get battered on by a surprise rain shower then stuff your wet shoes with newspaper to soak up the moisture and leave them to dry out naturally, away from a direct heat source.
  9. Clean your shoes with a clean cloth after you get home to remove any traces of dust. Use a damp cloth if you have stained it with mud etc. Stains become stronger over time and hence tougher to take off.
  10. Treat your leather shoes every 3-4 months with good quality baby oil or leather conditioner. Just like you moisturize your skin regularly, so must you, your shoes. This not only gives them an attractive shine but also ads a protective layer against UV damage and also creates breathability. Patent leather and suede do not need to be polished. Suede can be cleaned using your old toothbrush. An ingenious way of taking off scuff marks from patent leather is to use Nivea cream to scrub them off.
  11. Identify a good cobbler to fix minor wear and tear like a broken heel cap or a sole that’s come off.

Love your shoes and they will love you right back! ❤


  • I am looking for casual wear…slip ons…do u have any?
    I am radha ….used to work with mom at avm…u were a kid then.

    • Hello Aunty!! Sorry for such a late response! So nice to hear from you. Yes we do have many options in slip ons in both leather and non leather. You can check them out on our shop menu on the website! Pl feel free to watsapp me on 9920230664 incase you have any query. Love and regards.

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