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Tory Burch

I liken the ballet flat to the color black. Black is the most dominant color in my wardrobe. But if someone were to ask me my favorite color, I would say blue. Same story with ballet flats. It’s the most dominant shoe style in my shoe closet. But if someone were to ask me my favorite shoe style, I would probably say the D’orsay pump. There is a reason why some styles occupy more shelf space even though they are not our absolute favorites. It’s all about the ease of wear. Ballet flats and the color black- both are safe, simple, elegant, versatile and timeless. They are my go-to when in doubt. True of most women I know.

There is a downside to the ballet pump though which is the lack of support it offers the feet. The flatter the arch of your foot, the more you are at risk of suffering from the side effects of wearing them day in and day out leading to foot, heel, back and leg pain when worn consistently. This is why, I like to mix them up with another shoe style and avoid wearing them all week long.

Ballet flats have been around for centuries. The ‘’essence’’ of the ballet flat has been in existence since at least the 16th century. Women today can enjoy a variety of styles in ballet flats, and the shoes increase in popularity as more and more colors, styles, and versions of these shoes hit the market. From casual to dressy, ballet flats are a great choice for comfort and ease of wear. These shoes stand on the smart- casual midpoint. And for that reason can be worn effortlessly from the boardroom to a party, from home to the movies and from a shopping trip to a luncheon.

I bought this Tory Burch pair at her eponymous store at the ‘’Mall of Emirates’’ (MOE) on a trip to Dubai. Dubai is the mecca of shopping and what my husband likes to call the ‘’Adult Disneyland’’! I can generally never resist a shopping trip and least of all in Dubai. With its ginormous shopping malls reeking with glitz and glamour that almost seem to have a magnetic field around them to pull in victims like me☺.

Strangely, Dubai inspite of being a tax free destination commands higher prices for luxury products. The high store rentals, warehouse costs, need for a local partner, and requirement to add Arabic labels to products all contribute to pushing the prices higher than most other shopping destinations. But, people still travel to Dubai to shop for luxury products because their malls are simply irresistible. And like I always say, what else do you do in Dubai?! You eat and you shop.

This particular Tory Burch is her ‘’Lowell ballet flat’’ and one of my favorite pairs. I wear it often and to anywhere and everywhere. Burch’s story is highly inspirational especially for women starting out in Fashion. She started her career as a fashion copywriter. After her ex-husband, retail tycoon Christopher Burch, gave her $2 million, she began designing clothes in her kitchen. Before long, she had important celebrity endorsements and soaring sales figures. Less than a decade later she became a billionaire! She is a very impressive woman and I loved her ‘live’ conversation with Business of Fashion’s editor Imran Amed. Sharing the link here…hope you enjoy it too!

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