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For someone like me who has loved and lived in high heels most of my adult life, I never considered myself a TOD’S kind of girl. Flat, sensible shoes were just never my thing. For me it was always heels, gravity defying or kittens. But always heels.

But all that changed when I was gifted my first pair of TOD’S by a dear friend as a belated wedding present. My beautiful white TOD’S flew all the way from Dubai to Johannesburg where another friend dropped them off with my husband who was there on business. My beauties finally completed their long journey to my closet after a week.

And there they stayed put, unworn for many months! Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to own them. I just never got around to wearing them.

And then one day, I wore them.

A red-eye flight was the rare occasion when I would opt for comfort over style. So I wore my new shoes on a long haul flight to the US. And haven’t quite taken them off since! The change happened slowly and gradually. I started to wear them almost every day, I saw myself opting for them without hesitation. They cushioned my feet, were so easy to slip on and off also because mine were backless. And they were so versatile, I could wear them almost anything since they were white. I have walked miles in these shoes even though they are meant for short walks and indoor wearing since they have nubs on the sole. Given this intensive wear, they have worn very well and have become more and more comfortable over time. Only now I notice that they are slightly worn out on the heel, a fact I ignore on most days. I can’t wait to buy my next pair. I have resisted so far since I feel this strange sense of loyalty to these. I don’t want them be relegated to my second favourite pair just yet, which is bound to happen when the new ones come along. I still love them. Basically I’m a convert, for life.

How about we go back in history a bit to know a little about my new found loves. All TOD’S are made in Italy’s Cassette d’Ete, the town where Tod’s head Diego Della Valle was born and both his grandfather and father worked. His grandfather- Filippo Della Valle started out as cobbler while his father- Dorino Della Valle started the shoemaking business out of a basement in the late 1920s which Diego expanded into the now famous Tod’s!

Della Valle once said that there is a simple test for authenticity for most iconic products, be it a watch, a pair of sunglasses or a pair of shoes. They just get more charming as they get older. He said that he loved to see a man wearing an old family heirloom Rolex and see how it had aged with him and that depicted real elegance.

I’m waiting to grow old in my TODs 🙂

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