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Hello there!

This is a line from the movie ‘’Forrest Gump’’, and one of my all-time favorite movie quotes. It resonates with me so much because I live by the philosophy that just like with a box of chocolates, in life too you never know what you will be served and the idea is to turn every situation into an opportunity and make each day count. To become a trained shoe designer and entrepreneur after enjoying a decade long career in Media was one such ‘’chocolate’’ that I was served and one that I have found to be incredibly delicious!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved shoes. I have gone to great lengths to find the perfect pair, collected several shoes over the years and enjoyed wearing almost all of them. The thrill of buying the perfect shoes, the warm fuzzy feeling that they evoke and the confidence that comes from wearing the right pair are all a reality. And I know this to be true for most women.

To me it almost seems like my shoes are not inanimate objects, but real people! And this is the thought behind the genesis of the blog. My blog is about the life story of each shoe I own, from the moment I set eyes on it…to the journey that we have been on together. I will also include fun facts and interesting information about the shoe brands and styles along with snippets from my travels and experiences. All held together by the central character of the story- A beautiful pair of Shoes. I hope the blog will also serve as your one stop guide to everything related to shoes, from the latest shoe trends to celebrity shoe updates and much more.

I invite my readers to share their shoes’ life stories too. Let’s make this fun, for the love of shoes! And, if we learn a few life lessons along the way, well, that’s a bonus.

So, here I am. Here’s my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and contributing to it. It’s been exciting for me and I hope that shows 🙂

– Kavita Sharma

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